The Rock Out Loud Lessons taught in Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums. Not Just a Lesson...an Experience.

Mentoring Through Music Lessons






  • “Just awesome! Friendly instructors, the kids have a great time while learning.”

    Brian T.
  • “My daughter is two years old, and has been going to school of rock for over a year now. By far the smartest investment I have ever made in my daughters future. She absolutely loves music she goes around the house and is singing all day and I cannot say enough about Scott, who runs the rocking tots program.. My daughter absolutely adores him, and he 100% adores these children and loves every single second of what he does. He has had a huge impact on my daughter…”

    Christina S.
  • “My 8 year old has been taking drum lessons with Nicky Stixx. Nicky is an amazing teacher and my son looks forward to his lesson every week. Nicky really cares and puts the time in and the bond he has created with my son is incredible. Thank you Nicky Stixx and thank you School of Rock. The best investment I have ever made.”

    Dominic and Antoinette G.
  • “My 6 year old daughter started taking piano lessons with Rob in September and she loves it.”

    Tiffany D.
  • “I love School of Rock, Scott is a fantastic teacher. My daughter has been taking drum lessons with Scott for about a year and a half, she has lots of fun and does well.”

    Kelly V.
  • “The way the staff here cares for their students is phenomenal. They make them family and truly do care about their musical development and growth. They’ve always been easy to work with regarding scheduling and payment. They’re in budget and offer a variety of lesson times, payments and sessions. If you’re interested, I would for sure say check them out.”

    Melissa K.
  • “My daughter Rachel has been going for about eight months and loves it. Dani is her teacher and she is the best. This experience, so far, has really been great. It also has helped Rachel come out of her shell. Rachel loves going and what a difference in her voice. I highly recommend this place. Also, a shout out to Scott. He is very dedicated as well. Definitely the right choice.”

    Caryn R.
  • “He loves the school and Robert is like an older brother and great teacher!”

    Dylan T.’s Mom
  • “Absolutely love their lessons, and the experience they have here. Tuesday has become their favorite day of the week because of music lessons.”

    Jude and Luke M.’s Mom
  • “They love the experience and their teachers!”

    Amanda and Victoria N.s Mom
  • “Absolutely loves her lessons and teacher! Dani helped her get the lead at her school’s biggest production yet.”

    Maya S.’s Mom
  • “He is enjoying his lessons with Louis who has exceeded his expectations.”

    Alexander B.’s Mom
  • “Best extra curricular activity yet!! He aced the Talent show with BFF.”

    Peter S.’s Mom
  • “They are obsessed with the SOR!!! That is why Matthew is taking an extra lesson during the week with Dan- Lyn!”

    Matt and Alexandra D.s Mom
  • “SOR is one of the best experiences Anthony has ever been apart of!! He is so happy to be taught by Scott and is enjoying lessons with him.”

    Anthony M.’s Mom
  • “Kaynaly loves Elyssa and has become less shy since exploring her music talents.”

    Jaynaly S.’s Mom
  • “Excited for Saturday afternoon with Elyssa and is very happy to break out of her shell!!”

    Taylor N.’s Mom
  • “They are very happy with how much they are learning each lesson!”

    Isabella and Chris R.’s Mom
  • “Both are loving their experience here and their teacher Robert! An awesome way for these two cousins to come together and share a cool hobby!”

    Riley and Chris B.’s Mom
  • “They have come a long way, really have enjoyed their lessons.”
    Jayden and Donovan N.’s Mom
  • “He is doing absolutely wonderful and loves his teacher Nicky!”

    Jake G.s Mom
  • “He loves the music Scott teaches him! He is liking his lessons a lot.”

    Arkady T.’s Mom
  • “The girls are loving their lessons and are happy to be doing it together!”

    Justin and Jordyn D.’s Mom
  • “Mike is wonderful and Luke is learning so quickly, Mom is very happy.”

    Luke V.’s Mom
  • “John is a little grumpy but when he comes to the School of Rock his whole persona changes!”

    John P.’s Mom
  • “Spencer really likes his lessons with Joe!!”

    Spencer E.’s Mom
  • ” Lou and Danny are great teachers! They teach me how to learn music correctly and very fast! “

    Lenny A
  • “I love my lessons with my teacher Scott, and I’ve progressed so much”

    Jenna B.
  • “I really like the school,and I truly feel like I fit in and belong here”

    Isabella V.
  • “I love the songs I’m learning, and It’s a fun part of my Friday. Scott is nice and helps me really learn.”

    Gabriella P
  • “Valarie loves her lessons! Scott is an amazing teacher and mentor! SOR is a fantastic school!”

    Valerie D.’s Mom
  • “Thanks to Scott Olivia made it in her talent show!! All three girls have learned so much from him; we truly love Scott!!”

    The Katinas Family
  • “I really enjoy my lessons with Lou, he’s helped me come a long way”

    Justin H.
  • “I give Mike 5 stars! He’s a really good teacher and good at the drums!”

    Logan M.’s Mom
  • “He loves his teacher Rob and he practices every day because of how much he loves SOR”

    Suat D.’s Mom
  • “Sabrina Loves her teachers & has been making great progress. Before starting music lessons with SOR she had taken piano/vocals else where, but was not given the proper training or experience SOR offers!!”

    Sabrina K.’s Mom
  • “We love Scott!! He is able to work so well with my son and have him get into the music and what he is learning. Joseph loves his lessons!!”

    Joseph G.’s Mom
  • “Rob is really great teacher, he makes learning so much fun and music really comfortable for me. My confidence has grown because of him!!”

    Mikayla D.
  • “I feel like my vocal lessons are really beneficial because Dani-Lyn truly teaches me to sing correctly and to the best of my ability! I Love School of Rock.”

    Madison M.
  • “After his first lesson he can not wait to come back!”

    John D.’s Mom
  • “He absolutely loved his first lesson here, he can not wait to come back next week!”

    Mike B.’s Mom
  • “He loves Danny! He is very patient with my son, they work so well together!”

    James J.’s Mom
  • “Lou teaches me so much and everything he teaches me is so much fun! He makes me want to learn more and more!”

    Catherine D.
  • “Robert is an amazing teacher, he teaches me a lot, and he is great a playing piano & singing!”

    John D
  • “It was hard for me to learn the guitar but Louis took his time with me and went over things as many times as I needed. He helps me stay motivated.”

    Cori Michelle
  • Dani is one of the most amazng vocal teachers I have ever met. She’s kind and sweet and helps me with any problems that I have. It is one of the most amazing schools I have been to!”

    Mary Mikhail




NEW YORK – Leading Staten Island music school, The Staten Island School of ROCK, today announced the expansion of its

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Our Rockstars

Rock Out Loud Programs

Monthly Musician Freedom Pass

Monthly Musician Freedom Pass

Save 10% every month when you sign up for our Monthly Musician Freedom Pass. Use it for the entire family, take a lesson on any instrument of your choice up to 8 times a month! $312 Per Month

RockStars Rising

RockStars Rising

RockStars Rising is an exclusive program that offers customized lessons by our certified coaches. Each coach is required to teach a minimum of three instruments. All of our RockStar Rising students are encouraged to learn a minimum of three instruments as well. Click HERE for more information. $238 Per Month

Band Camp

Band Camp

A true Rock Star Experience! Our Band Camp is offered in 2 week sessions in July and August. Musicians get together for the first time on week one, write and rehearse a song they’ve written themselves. On week two, they record the song in our recording studio, learning the entire recording process using  Pro Tools HD! Click HERE for more details. $700 Per Camp Session

An Intro to The Beatles

An Intro to The Beatles

Our Ringo Starz ‘Beatles Experience’ was developed to introduce toddlers to The Beatles and Rock n Roll music. Song’s like ‘Hello Goodbye’, which focuses on opposites or ‘All Together Now’ and the introduction to numbers, letters and colors. Our ‘Beatles Experience’ incorporates guitars, tambourines and drums for an unforgettable experience. Each class is 40 minutes long. Cost is $240 for a 6 week session.

About Us

At Rock Out Loud we believe in creating leaders. Giving children the tools they can use to build confidence is our goal. The way we do this is by teaching your child how playing an instrument takes time, practice and commitment; the very building blocks of a leader. And we happen to have incredible teachers here to do just that. So what are you waiting for? Call now (718) 984 6988 and give yourself the gift of music. We look forward to meeting you!